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Affordable House cleaning in Walnut Creek it is not easy to find...

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Affordable house cleaning services in  Walnut Creek, ph: 510 393-5359 get more for less, professional house cleaning services in Walnut Creek done to perfection for your home is now just one call away!

East Bay House Cleaning offer the best prices, Our housekeeping maids will clean your house like you never seen before, top down cleaning system that get super clean results, with attention to details, no cutting corners, house cleaning service in Walnut Creek starts at affordable prices. Includes all the extra cleaning like fridge and dishes.

We offer great cleaning services with budget in mind, our goal is to provide Walnut Creek residents with a house cleaning service they can trust and rely on at a very affordable rate.

Our basic house cleaning service starts at affordable prices, that  is what most house cleaning services in the Walnut Creek would charge at least  $300 -  this promotional house cleaning service applies for 1st time clients only - and 1Bath 1Bed size - studio cleaning is also OK.


Affordable house cleaning services Walnut Creek - our house cleaning crew will make sure you get the most value out of your money! Try our house cleaning services, tell your neighbors and get and extra 15% off when they hire us! East Bay House Cleaning is here to offer the best in cleaning services. Call us today or BOOK ONLINE and start saving on you next cleaning service.

East Bay House Cleaning services brings its own cleaning supplies, or if you prefer and request, we also have green house cleaning products, for those who are interested in environmentally friendly house cleaning products.

Call us now 510 393-5359
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Our house cleaning crew is reliable, hard working and thorough in their house cleaning work, we clean all surfaces in your house to allergy-proof your home. Our chouse cleaner will work the extra mile to keep you as a new customer, because we love what we do! So give us a call today or get a free online estimate right now.

Areas included in our apartment and house cleaning services:

House cleaning servicesRemove cobwebs, including around light fixtures

House cleaning servicesDust all light fixtures, wall art, etc

House cleaning servicesHand mop all floors with separate wet rag

House cleaning servicesVacuum closet (if possible)

House cleaning servicesSpray Clorox in all bowls and shower

House cleaning servicesClean the shower, including door and the bottom of shower, removing all mildew

House cleaning servicesScrub the toilet bowl. Sweep entire floor

House cleaning servicesDisinfect all surfaces including sinks, vanities, outside of any tubs, etc.

House cleaning servicesClean all mirrors, chrome finishes, and outside of the shower

House cleaning servicesDisinfect outside of toilet including the front, the sides and behind


Call us now 510 393-5359

   (510) 393-5359

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